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Art grows here  
1-4 February 2018 - PALAZZO PALLAVICINI, Via San Felice 24 - Bologna, Italy  

1-4 February 2018

Via San Felice 24 - Bologna, Italy

“Art grows here”: here it is the slogan that perfectly sums up exactly the spirit of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair.
The changes and news of the 6th edition are the result of five years of continuous evolution and innovation.

SetUp prepares the basis for change, renewing itself each year, but at the same time, SetUp keeps its own identity alive and current. Its mission, is to offer new horizons, to promote galleries that invest on emerging artists, to grow a new generation of collectors. The aim is to trigger a virtuous circuit between economy and culture, offering a meeting and exchange place for experts and fans of contemporary art.
This is a very dear intent to SetUp, the will is to pursue it in order to enhance the territory through contemporary art as a tool of participation.


For its sixth edition, SetUp Contemporary Art Fair has chosen to renew itself, choosing as its new venue Palazzo Pallavicini, dating back to the Renaissance period and located in the heart of Bologna, and thus confirming its exceptional character, always at the forefront and bucking the trend of other trade fairs.
Palazzo Pallavicini is a sumptuous building, it used to be the home of an important European court, a real and unique palace, a setting for parties, banquets, concerts, housing important historical figures such as: Princess Maria Carolina D'Asburgo in 1768 , the emperor of Austria Joseph II in 1769 and a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who performed in the splendid "Sala della Musica" on March 26th 1770.

Its majestic structure will be the splendid setting in which SetUp 2018 will take place: the contemporary will mix with the past, projecting itself directly into the future, creating a combination of senses and perceptions for visitors.

The thirteen rooms of the venue will host 39 exhibitors, including 34 art galleries and 5 publishers, foundations and other organizations that support culture and art in Italy having a space dedicated entirely to them. The reduction in the number of exhibitors is a choice aimed at increasing the quality level of the exhibition proposals.


The guiding theme of SetUp 2018 is expectation, and it will completes, after the leitmotifs of the past two editions, orientation and equilibrium, a thematic trilogy that asked the organizers for audacity and courage, finding absolute fulfillment in the development of the idea and the reflection as an act of trust for tomorrow.

” Present of the things past, memory;
present of things present, sight;
present of things future, expectation"

Saint Augustine

Just these words by St. Augustine represents the aim of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair that, since its beginning, has believed in the driving force of tomorrow to be able to exist and be realized.

The meaning of the word setup, "preparing the bases for a change", shows, in fact, the will to strive for the future, with a proactive gaze towards the feeling and the making of new young and creative talents.

Based on these assumptions, the fair asked exhibitors to present a curatorial project in which the vision of the present is an investigation of expectation to be grasped as a temporal and spatial projection in which something takes shape, thus defining the scenarios of economic "expectations", social, political, relations, geographical, but also physical, technological, formal and identity that open the future through art.
Waiting, therefore, is not conceived as a moment in which we must pass time, but as a moment in which we extend beyond time and create the emotional assumption to outline the future.

The project will have presents its timeless format, requiring the interaction of the three key figures of the contemporary art system: artist, curator-critic, gallery owner. Gallery owners were invited to present a curatorial project of at least one under 35 artist, together with a critical text written by an under 35 curator.i


This new edition of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair will host 34 galleries, 27 italians and 7 foreigners.

In alphabetical order: #PROJECT18 (Naples), A100 Gallery (Galatina – LECCE), Art and Ars Gallery (Galatina – LECCE), barcel-one (Barcelona – Spain), BI-BOx Art Space (Biella), Blu Gallery (Bologna), BonelliLAB (Canneto sull’Oglio – MN), Burning Giraffe Art Gallery (Turin), CELLAR CONTEMPORARY (Trento), C23HOMEGALLERY (Lucca), CUBO Gallery (Parma), D406 - Fedeli alla linea (Modena), EGGERS 2.0 (Turin), Falcinella Fine Art (Mantua), Five Gallery (Lugano – Switzerland), FMP Photo Art (New York City – USA), Fucina des Artistas (L’Avana – Cuba), Galleria 13 – arte moderna e contemporanea (Reggio Emilia), Galleria D’Arte del Caminetto (Bologna), Galleria La Linea (Montalcino – SI), LINK ART GALLERY (Miami – USA), LM Gallery Arte Contemporanea (Latina), MAC Florencio de la Fuente (Huete – Spain), MARTINA’S GALLERY (Giussano – MB), MuseoNuovaEra (Bari), Paola Sosio Contemporary Art Milano (Milan), SAACI/GALLERY (Saviano – Naples), Set Espai d’Art (Valencia – Spain), Spazio Anna Breda (Padua), Spazio Lavit (Varese), Studio 38 Contemporary Art Gallery (Pistoia), Tiziana Tommei (Arezzo), Vibra – spazio contemporaneo di idee – (Ravenna), VILLA CONTEMPORANEA (Monza – Milan).

Associazione Tiziano Campolmi (Bologna), Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo – MARCA Museo delle Arti di Catanzaro (Catanzaro), Il Rio Edizioni (Mantova), Kooness (Milan), NFC (Rimini).


The desire to strengthen and enhance the links with Emilia-Romagna landscape, thus intensifying synergies and collaborations with the territory of Bologna. This aim is confirmed by the adhesion of important personalities who will constitute a scientific committee of absolute prestige.

This year the presence of Silvia Evangelisti is confirmed. Critic, art historian and curator, unquestionable figure in the contemporary art circuit, together with Anna and Francesco Tampieri, collectors, CoC ETS Association and Elena Monti and Marco Ghigi, collectors and members of the CameC Club of Bergamo


SetUp Prize 2018

The Directive Committee together with the Scientific Committee will choose the winners of the SetUp Award 2018.
For this edition, SetUp Contemporary Art Fair strongly want to enhance the under 35 artists and curators presented by their galleries, giving to those who will have better explored the theme of expectation, as a vision of the present and emotional assumption and action to build their own tomorrow. 500€ will be given to the best curatorial text, and a purchase prize consisting in the acquisition of the winning artist's work for a maximum value of € 1,000.

The Awards’ winners will be announced on Friday 2 February at 20.00 at the stands of the winning galleries.

Tiziano Campolmi Award

Tiziano Campolmi Association wants to keep alive the memory of Tiziano Campolmi with actions that support and favor young creative talents.
After the great success of the last edition, the association renews its presence at SetUp Contemporary Art Fair promoting the Tiziano Campolmi Award, with the aim of enhancing the work of a young artist who carries out his research in the field of photography.
The association will correspond to the selected artist a sum up to 2500 euros, equal to the maximum value of the awarded photographic work, which will be purchased during the time of the proclamation.

The winner will be decreed by a committee composed of the founding members of the Association together with the SetUp management and the announcement will take place on Sunday 4 February at 3:00 pm at the winner's stand.


Per la sezione dei progetti collaterali OFF Projects, SetUp (all’interno della fiera) ha invitato: la curatrice Manuela Valentini che proporrà un progetto di “mostra diffusa” visitabile e fruibile tra gli stand delle gallerie, l'artista Hannes Egger ed i collettivi Polisonum e Panem et Circenses, che svilupperanno 3 lavori site-specific all'interno degli spazi di Palazzo Pallavicini.

BREAK! curated by Manuela Valentini

An exhibition inside Palazzo Pallavicini, curated by Manuela Valentini, curator and art critic, which makes the essence of being against the flow.
BREAK! wants to put en and with the museum exhibition tradition and with the contemporary curatorial routine. BREAK! it is a widespread exhibition among the stands of the fair that breaks the rules of the classic exhibition format, with spiral references between different generations, sensitivity and beauty. If the role of the curator is to select, exhibit and judge, in this specific case, the works are transported to a virtual space that meets only those who want to experience it.

BREAK! also breaks with the theme of expectation, the leitmotif of this new edition of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, to show that neither the artist nor the visitor can wait. As the artist can not delay to give life to his beliefs, their impulses and their emotions, so the viewers can not help but be overwhelmed by this hypnotic game and put in place their instincts and abilities to discover from time to time the works exhibited.

Artists create in freedom, without any constraint of imagination. This is precisely the starting point of this exhibition, which aims to create a multiple platform where artists and visitors can meet, intersecting their intelligences, their sensibilities and their beauty.

Hannes Egger - Das Fest

A performance involving each individual visitor, creating a collective action: a direct interaction between the space and people’s body, where everyone is asked to take a dynamic and performative role.
With Das Fest ("the party"), Hannes Egger involves visitors in a real collective action within Palazzo Pallavicini exhibition space.
Egger’s work does not stage a real party but the wait for a party: the audience will thus find itself in an absurd scenario, almost as in the role of Estragon and Wladimir of "En attendant Godot" by Samuel Beckett.

Una performance che coinvolge in prima persona i singoli visitatori, dando vita ad una vera e propria azione collettiva: un'interazione diretta tra lo spazio e il corpo della persona, alla quale si chiede di assumere un ruolo dinamico e performativo.
Con Das Fest (“la festa”), Hannes Egger coinvolge i visitatori in una vera e propria azione collettiva all'interno dello spazio espositivo di Palazzo Pallavicini.
Il lavoro di Egger non mette in scena una festa vera e propria ma l'attesa ad una festa: il pubblico si ritroverà così in un scenario assurdo, quasi nei panni di Estragon e Wladimir di “En attendant Godot” di Samuel Beckett.


Polisonum is a collective of artistic research using sound as a method and device for investigating the transformations of landscapes, territories, physical and cultural geographies of the contemporary world.
During SetUp, Polisonum will presents an interactive installation dealing with research carried inside Palazzo Pallavicini: the constellation of the sound details that emerged will provoke a "re-signification" of the space, where exhibited it is no longer its sound identity as a public space, but the most human and intimately identity as a private space.

Panem Et Circenses - Goethe 53

Performance and installation, realized by Panem Et Circenses, to celebrate the five years of the publishing house Il Rio from Mantua.
The main themes are expectation together with the wish and gift. The work of art itself is a gift that the artist makes to the public and, in a universal vision of art, to the world.


DateS: 1-4 February 2018

Thursday 1 February 2018, 20.00 > 24.00
Public Hours:
Thursday, 21.00 > 24.00
Friday and Saturday, 16.00 > 24.00
Sunday, 11.30 > 22.00

Entrance: 7 euro
Free entrance for children under 7 years old

Lorenza Scardovi
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Instagram: @setupartfair

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